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No matter where you may find yourself in North America, chances are you had a multicultural encounter today. It might have been when you were listening to the radio, ordering a “Grande” of your favorite Colombian roast, or shopping for the latest designer fashion. Insignificant as it may seem however, that encounter actually represents a shift in the marketplace that has been evolving over time. From Houston Street in New York to Houston, Texas, the Biscayne Bay to Seattle’s Alaskan Way, today’s marketplace embraces the influences of other cultures as vigorously as those cultures embrace it. The so-called mainstream is actually formed by a colorful tapestry of tributaries that all flow together.

As a marketing agency that crafts fully integrated marketing strategies, creative concepts to multicultural audiences, FPO was quick to identify the opportunity for brands to reach across this diverse marketplace with a unified voice. The FPO marketing agency's philosophy of One Brand, One Voice has never been more pertinent or filled with exciting possibilities.

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