Francis Wearden

Managing Partner

If Francis were a baseball player he’d probably be a middle reliever. He’s a middle-aged, middle child who is in the middle of everything that happens at the agency. Half of Francis’ family doesn’t speak English, the other doesn’t speak Spanish. Francis literally lived the first half of his life in the middle of two cultures and brings a unique multicultural perspective to the team. As managing partner of our brand marketing team, Francis is a brilliant strategic and creative thinker. Not surprisingly, Francis is equal parts left and right brain. It’s safe to say he brings a sense of cohesiveness to the company and was the guy who first turned the lights on back in 2003.

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Marcos Hernandez

Digital Director / Business Development

From an early age Marcos exhibited an uncanny ability to explore, and try new things. Today, he works to push boundaries – applying 15 years experience and childlike curiosity to discover new frontiers, new technology and new ideas to keep things fresh. He has led the development of integrated marketing campaigns across demographic groups and media formats (traditional and digital) for companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 corporations. He loves to connect brands with people to create a culture and grow the bottom line.

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Marisa Medina Parker

Director of Account Planning & Management

When Marisa is not working, you’ll likely find her belting out 80’s power ballads on karaoke night or in the church choir on Sundays. Which seems only appropriate given that as FPO’s Director of Account Planning she ensures that our planning, research and client services all work in perfect harmony. Marisa joins FPO from Bromley Communications and has over 15-years experience working for clients such as General Mills, Minute Maid, Nestle and Proctor and Gamble. And if you catch her on a really good night, she might even belt out a little Janis Joplin for you.

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Adriana Ramos

Creative Director

Ask Adriana and she’ll tell you that sleep is overrated. Perhaps that’s because the wheels are always turning inside her head, or maybe she’s just too committed to miss a deadline. At just a tad over five feet tall, she may not seem a likely choice for your basketball team, but, believe us, her words pack quite a wallop. Before joining FPO, she earned her stripes working on eight P&G brands at the largest Hispanic agency in the US. Today, as creative director of brand marketing, she spearheads copy and content development for all FPO clients. Like most great creatives she’s won a ton of awards. Unlike most however, she doesn’t brag about it.

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