Blue Bell
An authentic approach that Latinos scooped up

The Background

Blue Bell has been churning out what many folks believe to be “The best ice cream in the country” since 1907. In 2006, they came to FPO to help them better understand the mindset of Latino consumers.

Our research revealed that Latinos from geographically diverse regions shared a common love for artisan ice cream, which is made in small batches from traditional recipes using fresh ingredients. Which, of course, is exactly what Blue Bell has been doing for over 100 years.

By embracing its authentic, made-the-old-fashioned-way heritage, Blue Bell became a compelling choice for Latinos who grew up loving artisan ice cream back home. Blue Bell’s 100-year anniversary proved to be the ideal vehicle to unveil the new approach and Latino consumers scooped it up. Within eight weeks of entering the Miami market, Blue Bell became the number one selling brand among Latinos.

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